Chapter 47 – November Has Come

3 11 2008


a new month, and we’re out of that vehicle. that last day was a little awkward. ruchy has still been bringing us food, but she’s been a lot less chatty after what happened, and she hasn’t been visiting us on her own anymore, either. instead she’s always had this tall guy, cedellick, with her. she’s alright though, is ruchy. i said sorry about attacking her, and she said it was ok and she understood it. but she obviously doesn’t trust us anymore, and there was no way we could make another attempt at escaping. our little badly-planned bid for freedom robbed us of our best chance of escape.

they’ve been keeping a closer watch on us since we got off the truck, so this is the first opportunity i got to use the computer for any length of time. we’ve been taken to some kind of facility or base or whatever. i think we’re in canada, maybe alaska. somewhere cold, anyway. they gave us hot chocolate.

the people who kidnapped us call themselves research team 7. i’m still not sure what their agenda is, but i don’t think i was supposed to be anything to do with it. the person in charge seems to be a man named mansferod. he wasn’t happy with our kidnappers, he reckoned they’d bungled the whole thing. he wanted to know if we knew anything about renard or something called cleff. me, sakura and hannah all said truthfully that we don’t know anything about that, and i think they believed us. then they asked us if we knew anything much about sakura’s dad’s work. sakura said he’s an accountant for a shoe company, and mansferod said that he didn’t think we knew anything important.

me, sakura and hannah are sharing a room. it’s quite large, and definitely an improvement on that truck. they even have a tv, although all the programmes are old. but i just want to know if and when we’re going to get home. research team 7 don’t seem to be in any hurry to tell us.

actually, they don’t seem in any hurry to tell us anything. just what is going on? that’s what i really want to know.




One response

5 11 2008

You and sakura must begin to suspect that perhaps her father has a few secrets from the family!
I’m glad they’re treating you well. Seems they don’t quite know what to do with you. Didn’t you just pick an extraordinary time to visit?!?

bizzariarox: it’s hard to know what to think! he’s never been one to show much emotion. we haven’t had the chance to speak to him without research team people listening in since we got here. i wouldn’t say kidnapping us and keeping us imprisoned was very good treatment, but they seem to want us to be reasonably comfortable. i think they’re trying to gain our trust. it’s NOT going to work, not after everything that happened!

i think i must have picked the worst possible time to visit!

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