Chapter 46 – the rant

31 10 2008

My apologies for the violence perpetrated by Bradley in this chapter.  In her defence, she has been stuck in the back of that truck for several days now, which is never good for anyone’s temper.

In response to the question you probably should be asking, which is, “shouldn’t the computer have some form of SatNav?”, it just doesn’t, all right?  A design flaw, perhaps, or maybe it’s broken.

This chapter very nearly wasn’t posted.  My friends called me this morning expecting me to go all the way to Malmesbury right away for the hallowe’en party this evening.  I did tell them about this story, but they thought it was sad.  Anyway, I’m now getting a lift there this evening.

Happy hallowe’en!




6 responses

31 10 2008

haha, are your friends the sort who think blogging is lame? 😉 hmm, your story should’ve been done for nanowrimo!

1 11 2008

Yep, definitely. But then I thought blogging was pretty lame too, before I gave it a try.

I could… but then I wouldn’t be able to upload it in real time.

2 11 2008

Hey BG, just tell your mates that the charactors in your story are based on them. But actually if you are like me you don’t want them reading it. 😮

2 11 2008

But then they might actually read it, and they’d want to know who was based on who (and none of the characters is based on anyone)! Well, it wouldn’t bother me if they did read it, but I don’t especially want them to. I have a reputation for talentlessness, so I doubt they’d take anything I wrote seriously. 🙂

3 11 2008

Well, I hope Bradley calms down. I’m worried about that girl! So, how was the party?

3 11 2008

Bradley is pretty angry at the moment, but I think she’s had plenty of time to calm down. They were kidnapped on the 28th, so she really had been in that truck for some time by this point.

Ah yes… the party. Everyone got very drunk, and most of us embarrassed ourselves, and I really don’t envy the guy whose party it was, given that the house was pretty badly trashed by the end of it. It was a lot of fun though!

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