Chapter 46 – Halloween

31 10 2008


happy halloween.

as i type this, i am sat in a ditch, freezing my ass off, trying to stay hidden, and very much hoping there aren’t any bears in these parts. sakura is sat next to me, wishing she’d worn trousers and a sweater. (at least she’s got SLEEVES).

we planned the escape last night. i’d ambush ruchy when she came to bring breakfast. i’d take her gun. sakura and me would break out, and we’d somehow rescue sakura’s family and then we’d go home.

yeah, it really wasn’t the best planned-out plan.

i mean, sure, the first part of the plan worked perfectly. i climbed up the wall of the truck and clung on tight. you have no idea how difficult it is to climb up the inside of a moving vehicle without being heard.

when ruchy came in, she could only see sakura, so she hesitated at the door. i dropped down onto ruchy and put my hand over her mouth. sakura ran forward and helped hold her down. ruchy was much stronger than we expected. she threw us off easily, i only just managed to keep my hand over her mouth. i kicked out both her legs, and i kept on kicking until she stopped struggling. sakura thought i went way overboard, but i pointed out that ruchy DID kidnap us. anyway, i figured she’d be fine, providing she wasn’t planning on running any marathons. or having children. or chewing her food.

we tied her up using a seatbelt. she didn’t have a gun on her, i guess she really wasn’t expecting us to do something like that, so we just legged it. we were lucky, because nobody noticed us leave, cause they were all up at the larger truck in front at the time. we made it into the woods, and then we realised we had no idea what we were going to do next.

ruchy came out the back of the truck shortly afterwards. i knew tying her up with a seatbelt had been a stupid idea. she looked pretty pissed at us, can’t say i was surprised. she walked like her left leg was hurting her pretty bad. i felt slightly guilty, because she’d always been pretty nice to us, apart from the part where she kidnapped us and locked us in a truck, obviously. she’d always checked to make sure we were comfortable, and that we liked the food.

anyway, she alerted the others, and they started looking for us. so here we are, in a ditch, hoping that by some miracle they don’t find us. at least we get to charge the computer.

some guy just stood up with a megaphone. he said that if we don’t show ourselves within the next couple of hours they’re just going to drive off and leave us here.

we’re out of options. we can’t get home from here on our own. we don’t even know where here is. we’re gonna go back to the truck.




3 responses

31 10 2008

Oh mannn!!

bizzariarox: i know! but it was worth a try.

31 10 2008

you took all the trouble to get out of the truck and now you’re going back?? no!

bizzariarox: we didn’t have any choice! we’d have been stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3 11 2008

Oh, my! You must have been concerned about sakura’s father, too. You’re going back??? I hope they’ll continue to treat you well after all that…good luck!

bizzariarox: we were worried about sakura’s mum and her sister, as well. fortunately, they seem reluctant to hurt any of us.

they’ve been treating us ok. they’ve been keeping a closer watch on us since, and i think the room is bugged, but they’ve been oddly nice. it’s really quite creepy. thanks for the luck! 🙂

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