Chapter 45 – the rant

30 10 2008

It would be horrible to go through what Bradley’s friends must be going through right now.

Webcams have essentially replaced phones in this future.  Hence “phonecams”.  Phones and cameras are already coming together, so it really wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.


Yesterday’s Heroes – what can I say, except “yikes”?  Yikes.  Why did the episode continue?  Why are we supposed to care about the dude on the bed after what just happened??  What’s going on?

Vortex man was cool.  At last, an original superpower!  Well, there’s probably some obscure Marvel or DC comic or whatever that had someone with vortex powers, but I don’t care.  It seemed original to me.  At least it wasn’t yet another series one power being reassigned to a new character.

I also went to the cinema the other day, for the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-long.  We saw High School Musical 3.  Believe me, that wasn’t my choice.  For the first half of the movie I was just too appalled for words, apart from the occasional sarcastic comment.  Then we got to the scrapyard scene, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  By the end of it, I was wearing an expression one of my friends described as “open-mouthed glee”.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t glee, but I will concede that I was probably better off watching that than Saw V.




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30 10 2008

maybe they can start a blog and tell the world about their friends’ situation and spread the link around, so that someone around the area can report to the authorities! 😛

so you like high school musical despite yourself? 😉

30 10 2008

That’s basically what Clouds did, isn’t it? Except for the part about spreading the link around.

Pretty much. 🙂 It’s got that whole so-bad-it’s-hilarious quality going for it, and I’ve always loved musicals.

31 10 2008

I haven’t seen any of the High Schools so I can’t commiserate or admonish, but, I must say your comments don’t make me regret that fact. (Hah! 🙂 ). As for our Heroic friends, we’re still one episode ahead of you, so, I’ll advise you to hang in there—all will become apparent!
Phonecams! Yes! So near, they are. Still VERY MUCH enjoying the unfolding of this complex story. 😀

31 10 2008

Muse, if you have escaped them, good for you. Not everyone was so lucky. I’ve only seen the one, and I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you like your movies dripping with cheese. 😉

I’m not even sure who IS “Heroic” any more, but I’m sure you know a lot that I don’t, so I’ll be patient.

Thank you very much! 😀 There’s lots more to come.

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