Chapter 44 – Misery Loves Company

29 10 2008


well, this certainly isn’t how i thought i’d be spending my holiday. just to recap, in case you didn’t see sakura’s post: we’ve been kidnapped. me, sakura, and sakura’s family.

me and sakura are ok. we’re stuck in the back of some kind of vehicle. there are no windows, and the only opening is a couple of ventilation holes near the top of the door. it’s really dark, and it’s pitch black at night, so it’s pretty much impossible to see anything. sakura has a torch, but the battery is flatter than me. this computer is running low on power too.

i’m glad i brought the computer. they took our phonecams, but they didn’t find this pocket computer because i hid it in my shoe. hooray for quick-thinking.

i thought about calling the police, but i’m hesitant because i’m not sure just what these people are capable of. they’re armed, and i don’t think they’d hesitate to try and resist arrest. if they realise we have this computer, i’m sure they’ll take it, and it’s our only link with the outside world.

we’ve been travelling for hours. i don’t know where we’re headed. they’ve stopped every now and then to let us eat. a woman named ruchy has been bringing us food. weird name. she told us her name, so i guess they’re not all that worried about being identified. but then, they don’t know about the computer. we’ve hidden it every time she came in.

meal times are also our only toilet breaks. the toilet being a cubicle near the front of the truck. very neat. they haven’t let us out to stretch our legs once.

if i had been stronger, if i’d done something, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. i do not have the words to convey how much this sucks.




One response

30 10 2008

I think you should call the police, maybe they can track you on your computer, are you more at risk if they are present or not present? in fact you become a bargaining chip therefore valuable in a confrontation situ. As well you should be taking notes of everything around you all the time.

bizzariarox: it all depends on how much they actually want us here. i got the impression they only really wanted sakura’s dad, we could be hostages for all i know, in which case they have the upper hand.

i’ve been keeping my eyes open, but there hasn’t been a lot to see. they still haven’t let us leave this truck.

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