Chapter 42 – the rant

27 10 2008

Johnny is not a happy bunny.  But hey, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you shouldn’t begrudge the police for going about their duty, should you?  They’re the ones keeping Hercynia safe, after all…


Merlin was pretty good on Saturday.  It featured a rather sinister fellow named Edwin.  Gaius got to take centre stage for once, which was refreshing.

Chapter 6 of LG15: the resistance was posted late; they didn’t upload it until Sunday evening, which meant that I didn’t see it until this morning.  The pace has slowed a bit with this one, I think, but it has its moments.




2 responses

28 10 2008

Yes you should! What about privacy? What about individuality? {exit rant}
By the time I get to watch Merlin you will have lost interest. (OK, so maybe I hadn’t QUITE exited the rant.) 🙂

28 10 2008

Haha, yes, sorry Muse. Those comments about the police were made with my tongue firmly in my cheek, I’m afraid. You are right, and I think privacy and individuality are very important.
I don’t think I’ll lose interest that quickly! I’m not a very changeable person.

Feel free to rant as much as you like here! 🙂

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