Chapter 42 – I’m not a criminal!

27 10 2008


The police searched our house today. I don’t know what they were hoping to find, they said “illegal items”, which was vague. They didn’t find anything, naturally, because we don’t have anything illegal, but it was very bewildering, and extremely annoying.

Sometimes I wonder whether the police are really capable of catching actual criminals. I mean, there’s so much crime in this town, so why are they randomly searching people’s bedrooms when they should be out catching muggers and hawkbites? Or, I dunno, burglars who break in through people’s windows.




2 responses

27 10 2008

kard: A word of warning. You don’t know what you’re dealing with. Stay out of matters you don’t understand.

johnny07: Huh?

28 10 2008

Whoa! That last comment sound ominous. I still think there’s something weird about that break-in. But, be careful. Apparently “they” are watching you!

johnny07: Did a bit, didn’t it? I’m not really sure how to respond to something like that! It’s all very strange. Thanks for your concern. Don’t worry, I’ll stay on my guard.

Stay safe. Thanks for the comment!

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