Chapter 41 – Aeroplane

26 10 2008


hello from eiriendor!

i got to the airport at 6 in the morning. alarm went off at 5. i’m feeling knackered. i have been flying for 11 hours with no stops. i was asleep most of the way. i’ve never flown on my own before.

it was round about noon when i got there, which was kinda disorientating. sakura and her mum were waiting at the terminal to greet me. it was great to see them again.

we drove out to the suburbs, where sakura’s house is. it’s quite large and it’s a really nice place. sakura’s family have all been really welcoming. i can’t believe how lucky i am to have friends like this!

i was so hungry when we got to the house, so i was glad that we had a big lunch. i’m afraid i was a bit impatient!

this has been the longest day ever. i’m a bit tired again already!




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27 10 2008

11 hours yikestream, you must have been jet lagged [just think somewhere in the atlantic -I hope at least- there’s a little bit of you] everything is big big in america you lucky dog.

bizzariarox: i am ever so jet lagged! yes, i already love america – i don’t know about big, but everything is definitely warmer here!

28 10 2008


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