Chapter 40 – Party People

24 10 2008


the party was a laugh. not much of a party, as it turned out, but it didn’t matter because we all got pretty drunk. hell, megan managed to somehow get drunk without actually drinking anything. it was quite pathetic, really, but i’ll let her off, because i don’t think she’s ever touched alcohol before in her life.

iaru, it turns out, is hilarious when he’s drunk. he left us with no shortage of material for potential blackmail. *laughs evilly*

he’s cute, you know.

it was pretty unfortunate that we had to do this on a thursday, with school the following day. really wasn’t the smartest time to do it. but then most of us work saturday anyway, so i guess friday wouldn’t have been any better even if it was an option. and any later and i wouldn’t have been around, which would have been tragic for all involved, i think.




3 responses

25 10 2008

funkyloon: See you tomorrow, Bradley!

bizzariarox: see ya!

26 10 2008


bizzariarox: BOO! are you cured? 😉

28 10 2008

Hah! iaru again! There is more to this individual than you are letting on! 🙂

bizzariarox: yeah, he’s something special, really. i hope i get to see him again…

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