Chapter 39 – the rant

24 10 2008

You lightweight, Clouds!

Actually, to be fair, I’m in no position to call anyone else a lightweight.  On Wednesday a Sixth Form committee had booked a local club for a semi-official bash, which I attended.  I downed six vodkas and two ciders in a short space of time, and it was enough to make me quite drunk.  So I’ve come in for a fair bit of mocking from people who saw me behaving slightly oddly, but fortunately I was apparently “sweet” rather than obnoxious, so that wasn’t too bad.

I’ve not been feeling great today.  I have a headache, a sore throat, and a horrible cough, I keep shivering and I feel constantly exhausted.  I didn’t want to skip school because of man flu, so I went in anyway, but I got sent home early anyway by my teacher during period 5.  He said he thought I wouldn’t be able to concentrate like this, but I think he was just worried I could be contagious.

Still, it’s half term now.  Here’s hoping I feel better by Monday; I’m hoping to go to the local fireworks display.




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24 10 2008

wow, bobby drinks! man flu? is that an euphemism for a hangover? 😛

25 10 2008

Yes, from time to time. Why is that surprising? 😕

Nah, I’m one of those fortunate people who never seems to get hangovers. Anyway, the party was Wednesday evening, and I didn’t start to feel ill until Thursday night.

Man flu is a horrible, debilitating disease, caused by the same germs that cause regular flu, but much worse and afflicting only men. Symptoms include whining and the inability to do any form of work. 😉

25 10 2008

i always think of you as this good little boy. :mrgreen: i think it’s the avatar!

so what’s a woman flu like? 😆

26 10 2008

I am a good boy! Most of the time. 🙂

Woman flu is very nasty, but unlike man flu, it doesn’t render the sufferer completely incapable of stoicism, and it can never be caused by the cold virus.

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