Chapter 38 – Term One Ends

22 10 2008


We’re nearing the end of my first term as a sixth former. A lot has happened in these past couple of months, hasn’t it? Just thinking about it. I’ve become an A-level student, obviously. I’ve taken up the guitar, too. There’s been a fire at school (it was only a small one), not to mention, I’ve fought off a burglar with a baseball bat (well, sorta)…

And yet, somehow, I don’t feel like I’ve really done anything so far this school year. I’ve got so much homework I was supposed to have done by the end of the term, and that’s this Friday!

It’s weird, but when I was younger, every school term seemed to go on forever. Now they fly past.

I guess it’s like history. If the same thing repeats itself enough times, you get so used to it that it doesn’t surprise you any more. We seldom notice the history unfolding around us, because it’s been the same old story for centuries. When you’ve had enough weeks of school, you don’t really notice them, either.

I’m really looking forward to the autumn break, when I’ll have some time off. Even though I’m sure they’ll expect me to carry on doing coursework all week. Teachers are like that.




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