Chapter 37 – the rant

20 10 2008

Bradley is pretty excited about this holiday.

In my mind the unofficial “first phase” of this story is drawing to a close.  Not that that really means very much, but it helps me keep track of how the plot is developing.


Saturday’s Merlin contained a familiar face – Santiago Cabrera, a.k.a. Isaac Mendez from Heroes.  At one point we see him slumped against the corner of a room, and I almost expected him to start injecting Heroin and painting the future.  Except that this is a family show, and that it would have been a complete anachronism.

LG15: the resistance Chapter 5 was a bit disappointing after last week’s, but at least Maggie got a chance to be amazing.  The FBI guys don’t seem very competant though.




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22 10 2008

Oh, first phase! So, it’s going to take an unexpected turn? You’ve left out some of the first characters for a while now, and have me wondering what’s happened to them. Good writer, you!
Merlin sounds good, really. I’ve always liked decent Arthurian tales, even when they do take liberties. I guess I should check out LG15…

22 10 2008

That might depend on what you were expecting. Yeah, some characters haven’t been around for a while. They were there for a reason though, so rest assured I haven’t forgotten them! Why, thank you very much! 😀

Merlin is good. It’s a bit daft at times, but most things I watch seem to be a bit daft. It’s odd though. It’s not so much a retelling of the Arthurian legend as a new story that draws heavily on the Arthurian legend. If you enjoyed other BBC dramas of this nature, I’m sure you’ll like it.

As for LG15: TR, it’s very strange, but I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Each episode is only about 8-12 minutes long, it’s produced on a very low budget, there’s no fourth wall, and it’s all available free online!

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