Chapter 34 – the rant

13 10 2008

I meant to post this earlier in the day, but what with one thing and another, I ended up posting it late.

Bradley is too young to buy alcohol legally.  You can bet she’s watching plenty of Bella and Bethany at the moment.


Today’s The Sarah Jane Adventures was pretty awesome.  The first series got off to a fairly shaky start with that Slitheen story, but this one has been good from the beginning.  We’re three episodes in over here.

Last week’s Heroes was pretty awesome too, but very mysterious.  I’m not sure what’s happening with Mohinder, but it’s obvious now why the series is subtitled “Villains”.

Saturday’s Merlin was mainly an Arthur episode, and they seem to be taking a cue from epic fantasy.  It really is quite something.

Also on Saturday, LG15: the resistance finally got a move on with both the Resistance and the Maggie & Beaumont storylines.  Chapter 4 was really cool.




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16 10 2008

I still envy you and Sarah. Humph. Heroes is kind of weird, but I still like it. I watch it secretly and alone because my friends don’t like it anymore, they say it’s boring now, and icky if everyone gets powers in the future. They kind of did that with The 4400 too, and then it got canceled, so I hope H doesn’t suffer a similar fate!

16 10 2008

You get virtually every other programme before we do, so surely you don’t begrudge us this one!

Heroes has always been weird. My friends are divided as to whether it’s essential viewing or a waste of time. I’ve heard it compared to The 4400 before, but I never saw that show, so obviously I don’t get the resemblance. But they wouldn’t cancel Heroes at this point, would they? It’s internationally popular, so I would hope they wouldn’t!

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