Chapter 34 – Bored

13 10 2008


(edited to fix typo)

first day working at the laines store went ok. it was kinda boring, actually, but it’s a clothes store, so no surprises there. i’ve been getting to know my fellow employees. the manager is called monique. she seems nice, but tough, like the sort of person you DON’T (thank you sulz!) want to cross. she reminds me of my old primary school headteacher, a bit.

i couldn’t get a shift at the same time as dawn, sadly. but a job is a job, and i decided just to go for it.

so that’s the update on the job. today has been rather tiresome. not a lot happened, it was just boring as hell. it really didn’t help that i was slightly hungover this morning (don’t ask).

i think i might get an early night tonight. i’m a bit tired.




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13 10 2008

she seems nice, but tough, like the sort of person you want to cross

bizzariarox, you are a brave man! 😉

bizzariarox: *peers bleary eyed at what she wrote* huh. stupid me. yeah, imma change that now…

why are you calling me a man, anyway? 😕

14 10 2008

oh, ‘cos i really thought you wanted to cross her! haha.

bizzariarox: lol! being a rebel is one thing, picking a fight with the boss and losing my job would be another! 🙂

14 10 2008

There is so much I could do with the uneek moneek 🙂

bizzariarox: is the moneek of which we speak really all that uneek? 🙂 do you know her?

15 10 2008

funkyloon: Oh dear Bradlers, drinking again? And at your age too?

bizzariarox: you’re just jealous because you can’t drink until you’re 21! 😛

16 10 2008

Who mentioned drinking?!? You remind me a bit of April in The Longest Journey. Sooooon, life will change. In a big way! 😉

bizzariarox: i think she inferred it from the word “hungover” 😉 that or i just sound drunk…

i’ve never played the longest journey. did they make a movie of that at some point?

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