Chapter 31 – Money

6 10 2008


just letting you know: i got the job. they offered it to me then and there, right after the interview. so yay! i start work next saturday. i’ve already explained to them about my trip to california, and they don’t think it’s a problem. i’ll only be taking one day off for that anyway.

i’m still going to look in at the odd jobs agency now and then, because this store work is a fairly short shift one day a week, and doesn’t pay very well. plus i’m only a trial employee for the moment, so they might not keep me on if i’m not good enough. but i think i should be capable of working in a shop, so i’m not worried.

and i really should pay mum back for the plane ticket sooner rather than later.

in other, not money-related news, my friends absolutely rule. imogen, megan, dawn… i don’t know if any of you still read this, but you’re all brilliant. thanks guys! 😀




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6 10 2008

I had to blink there for a minute 1 day off for a trip to CA, then I saw you only do 1 day a week at the shop-hah that’s what they tell you now, I give it no more than 2 weeks and they will have you working every half hour God sends, couldn’t you guess by the way they snapped you up? play smart, have your excuses lined up well in advance. 😉

bizzariarox: right now, i’m thinking the more hours the better! i’m barely doing 8 a week, and more hours = more pay, right? but they know about the california holiday, so they know better than to expect me to work that week – i would hope! anyway, i’m good at coming up with excuses. 😉

6 10 2008

Oh I didn’t mean to pour cold water by the way, congrats, it’s nice to succeed.

bizzariarox: thanks! 🙂

6 10 2008

happy birthday! working in a boutique with dawn huh? *nudge nudge wink wink* 😛

bizzariarox: thanks! not exactly, i couldn’t get the same shift as her, and i wouldn’t call it a boutique… hey, what are you insinuating?

7 10 2008

Nice to have nice friends. I’ll bet you’ll be brilliant at the job, and soon reorganise the entire shop. They’ll find they can’t get along without you while you’re in California. Mum’ll be paid back in no time!

bizzariarox: isn’t it just? haha, thanks, can’t imagine myself being that good, but i’ll try. 🙂 i really should pay her back soon!

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