Chapter 30 – the rant

3 10 2008

In before sulz – yes, I know you got a new job recently.  However, it hardly made sense for Bradley not to have a job under the circumstances (I blame the writer).


I’ve just got back from my first driving lesson, so I’m feeling a little exhausted.




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4 10 2008

this is more like the time before i went to macau and i said i wanted to look for a second part-time job. :mrgreen:

ooh, driving lessons, when’s your exam? do you like it? what car do they use in england to practise driving? we use the smallest car in the local market, which is a bit silly cos when after we pass our test and drive a probably bigger car we’d have difficulties adjusting to the size!

4 10 2008

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot about that. Is there no end to my ideas theft? 😛

No exam arranged yet, but the first lesson was fine. I don’t know what kind of car it was; a smallish one, anyway. I can see how that could be a problem (although I don’t know how much difference it would make being in a bigger car; I could barely manage a small car!). I’ll probably be OK, though, since I can’t see myself ever driving an SUV or anything like that!

5 10 2008

Do you like driving? I don’t as much as some people, but there’s no denying it’s convenient. Hope you get a chance to relax, too.

5 10 2008

Well, it’s OK. I have less than two hours experience (and that was pretty nerve-wracking), but I’m sure it’ll be fine once I’m used to it. I think I prefer walking!

I don’t expect I’ll drive much when I can – I don’t have any plans to get a car, for one thing – but it’s one of those skills it’s useful to have. Thanks… that would be nice. 😉

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