Chapter 30 – Career Opportunities

3 10 2008


i’ve decided it’s high time i got off my lazy ass and did some real work. I haven’t had a job since that… unpleasantness a couple of months back. anyway, there was no way I could afford that plane ticket to eiriendor, ca with the money i have at the moment, so I owe my mum for it.

on the suggestion of adam, iaru’s brother, i’ve made a couple of trips down to the odd jobs agency near the south dock area. it’s got a reputation for being just a little bit dodgy, but it’s ok. you go there and ask if there’s any work going. mostly it’s just odd jobs like the name suggests, especially running errands and helping out with heavy lifting and stuff, but occasionally something better comes up, so i figure it might be worth my while going down there from time to time just to see if there is anything worth doing.

in the mean time, i’ve applied for a part-time job at the clothes store where dawn works. it’s not perfect, but it’s a step up from the supermarket and the pay is reasonable, so i thought i’d apply. i have to go to an interview tomorrow, wish me luck.

p.s. tomorrow is also my birthday so next time you hear from me, i’ll be 17!




4 responses

4 10 2008

funkyloon: Good luck Bradlers!!!

bizzariarox: thanks! it went great, i got the job right away.

4 10 2008

funkyloon: Happy Birthday!

bizzariarox: cheers!

4 10 2008

Mind how you do those inside leg measurements, 😉 unless it’s a ladies only store

bizzariarox: lol! they don’t do tailoring, so i’m fairly sure that’s not going to be an issue. 😛

5 10 2008

Oh, missed your birthday, but, happy belated!
Congratulations on the job! Yay! That will keep you off the streets. 🙂

bizzariarox: thanks for the greetings, and again for the congrats! 🙂 heh, it’ll take more than a part time job in a shop to stop me menacing society! 😉

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