Chapter 29 – the rant

1 10 2008

The description of Knox-Ardsley was based on the way the local grammar school pupils talk about the people from the nearby comprehensive.  Of course, Clouds’ school (Alexandra Lane) is a comprehensive, but Knox-Ardsley is from a rougher area.

The name “Tree Top Town” is an allusion to a certain classic video game, but it’s a pretty obscure reference.


Heroes this evening!  I can’t wait!

Current listening: the Smashing Pumpkins, “Zero”.




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2 10 2008

So, whaja think? Howdja like it? (Heroes, I mean.) I’ve just seen episode 2, and I don’t know what to think of anyone anymore! 😮

2 10 2008

Episode 1 has confused me no end, but the writer says it’s all going to make sense in the end, and I think I believe him. I was interested to note that they’ve paid attention to some of the criticisms that were levelled at the second series, and the new series promises more action, a supposedly more cohesive plot, more Sylar, more Ando and Hiro, and has ended the “what does he do with the brains?” debate once and for all. Not sure how I feel about the injection business, but I think it’s OK so long as they don’t give HRG powers.

2 10 2008

knox-ardsley – what a mouthful! 😀

i love heroes, especially the cheerleader. milo ventimiglia is hot too. 😛

3 10 2008

It’s only called that because it sounds vaguely threatening and facilitates a lame pun. Just say “Hard Knocks” if it’s easier. 😉

Ah, so you’re a Peter fan then? 🙂 I like Claire too, but Ando is the coolest!

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