Chapter 46 – the rant

31 10 2008

My apologies for the violence perpetrated by Bradley in this chapter.  In her defence, she has been stuck in the back of that truck for several days now, which is never good for anyone’s temper.

In response to the question you probably should be asking, which is, “shouldn’t the computer have some form of SatNav?”, it just doesn’t, all right?  A design flaw, perhaps, or maybe it’s broken.

This chapter very nearly wasn’t posted.  My friends called me this morning expecting me to go all the way to Malmesbury right away for the hallowe’en party this evening.  I did tell them about this story, but they thought it was sad.  Anyway, I’m now getting a lift there this evening.

Happy hallowe’en!


Chapter 46 – Halloween

31 10 2008


happy halloween.

as i type this, i am sat in a ditch, freezing my ass off, trying to stay hidden, and very much hoping there aren’t any bears in these parts. sakura is sat next to me, wishing she’d worn trousers and a sweater. (at least she’s got SLEEVES).

we planned the escape last night. i’d ambush ruchy when she came to bring breakfast. i’d take her gun. sakura and me would break out, and we’d somehow rescue sakura’s family and then we’d go home.

yeah, it really wasn’t the best planned-out plan.

i mean, sure, the first part of the plan worked perfectly. i climbed up the wall of the truck and clung on tight. you have no idea how difficult it is to climb up the inside of a moving vehicle without being heard.

when ruchy came in, she could only see sakura, so she hesitated at the door. i dropped down onto ruchy and put my hand over her mouth. sakura ran forward and helped hold her down. ruchy was much stronger than we expected. she threw us off easily, i only just managed to keep my hand over her mouth. i kicked out both her legs, and i kept on kicking until she stopped struggling. sakura thought i went way overboard, but i pointed out that ruchy DID kidnap us. anyway, i figured she’d be fine, providing she wasn’t planning on running any marathons. or having children. or chewing her food.

we tied her up using a seatbelt. she didn’t have a gun on her, i guess she really wasn’t expecting us to do something like that, so we just legged it. we were lucky, because nobody noticed us leave, cause they were all up at the larger truck in front at the time. we made it into the woods, and then we realised we had no idea what we were going to do next.

ruchy came out the back of the truck shortly afterwards. i knew tying her up with a seatbelt had been a stupid idea. she looked pretty pissed at us, can’t say i was surprised. she walked like her left leg was hurting her pretty bad. i felt slightly guilty, because she’d always been pretty nice to us, apart from the part where she kidnapped us and locked us in a truck, obviously. she’d always checked to make sure we were comfortable, and that we liked the food.

anyway, she alerted the others, and they started looking for us. so here we are, in a ditch, hoping that by some miracle they don’t find us. at least we get to charge the computer.

some guy just stood up with a megaphone. he said that if we don’t show ourselves within the next couple of hours they’re just going to drive off and leave us here.

we’re out of options. we can’t get home from here on our own. we don’t even know where here is. we’re gonna go back to the truck.

Chapter 45 – the rant

30 10 2008

It would be horrible to go through what Bradley’s friends must be going through right now.

Webcams have essentially replaced phones in this future.  Hence “phonecams”.  Phones and cameras are already coming together, so it really wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.


Yesterday’s Heroes – what can I say, except “yikes”?  Yikes.  Why did the episode continue?  Why are we supposed to care about the dude on the bed after what just happened??  What’s going on?

Vortex man was cool.  At last, an original superpower!  Well, there’s probably some obscure Marvel or DC comic or whatever that had someone with vortex powers, but I don’t care.  It seemed original to me.  At least it wasn’t yet another series one power being reassigned to a new character.

I also went to the cinema the other day, for the first time in I-can’t-remember-how-long.  We saw High School Musical 3.  Believe me, that wasn’t my choice.  For the first half of the movie I was just too appalled for words, apart from the occasional sarcastic comment.  Then we got to the scrapyard scene, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  By the end of it, I was wearing an expression one of my friends described as “open-mouthed glee”.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t glee, but I will concede that I was probably better off watching that than Saw V.

Chapter 45 – The Unthinkable Happened!

30 10 2008


What do you do when your whole world gets turned on it’s head?

Today I got a mail from one of my closest friends. She’s on holiday in America. And she’s currently locked in the back of a strange vehicle in the dark, along with her American friend.

My friends all got this news at round about the same time. I first found out when a friend called me. I knew something was wrong the moment I saw him. He was all pale, and he spoke in this weird voice, like he couldn’t articulate proper speech. He said that she’d been kidnapped, and to check my mail. I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing I can do. None of us can do anything. She’s on the other side of the Atlantic! And they could be anywhere in America by now.

We told the police, but I don’t think they can do anything about it.

The worst part is, you hear about bad things happening to people on the news all the time. Like that kid in Cymru who hasn’t been seen for 6 weeks, or that woman who was found dead in a canal the other day, or that guy who landed himself in hospital last week when he got shot by a bank robber in Bristol. But it never happens to you, or to anyone you know.

And then it does.

Chapter 44 – the rant

29 10 2008

Got something you want to keep hidden?  Shove it in your shoe.  Isn’t miniaturisation wonderful?

Bradley is a girl, by the way, just in case you need reminding.  I’m not sure if I made that clear.  Sakura is female, too, of course.  Her name is Japanese; I believe it means cherry blossom.

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with these, mainly because I haven’t been very well and I’ve had a lot of time at home with very little to occupy myself with.  I did go to the fireworks on Monday.  It was pretty awesome.

Current listening: Killola, “Cracks in the Armor”.

Chapter 44 – Misery Loves Company

29 10 2008


well, this certainly isn’t how i thought i’d be spending my holiday. just to recap, in case you didn’t see sakura’s post: we’ve been kidnapped. me, sakura, and sakura’s family.

me and sakura are ok. we’re stuck in the back of some kind of vehicle. there are no windows, and the only opening is a couple of ventilation holes near the top of the door. it’s really dark, and it’s pitch black at night, so it’s pretty much impossible to see anything. sakura has a torch, but the battery is flatter than me. this computer is running low on power too.

i’m glad i brought the computer. they took our phonecams, but they didn’t find this pocket computer because i hid it in my shoe. hooray for quick-thinking.

i thought about calling the police, but i’m hesitant because i’m not sure just what these people are capable of. they’re armed, and i don’t think they’d hesitate to try and resist arrest. if they realise we have this computer, i’m sure they’ll take it, and it’s our only link with the outside world.

we’ve been travelling for hours. i don’t know where we’re headed. they’ve stopped every now and then to let us eat. a woman named ruchy has been bringing us food. weird name. she told us her name, so i guess they’re not all that worried about being identified. but then, they don’t know about the computer. we’ve hidden it every time she came in.

meal times are also our only toilet breaks. the toilet being a cubicle near the front of the truck. very neat. they haven’t let us out to stretch our legs once.

if i had been stronger, if i’d done something, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. i do not have the words to convey how much this sucks.

Chapter 43 – the rant

28 10 2008

Let’s shift up a gear or two.

Poor Bradley.  She only wanted a holiday!


Monday’s The Sarah Jane Adventures was a typically absurd take on astrology.  Great fun.  It was quite an inventive storyline, actually.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next.