Chapter 28 – the rant

29 09 2008

Yes, Diggory Jones is also female.

Johnny isn’t a bad-tempered person.  He’s just a fanboy, and ranting is what fanboys do.  Most of the time he’s pretty laidback.

I think it’s an important part of his character that he often acts without thinking.


This blog started off as a media studies project on TV and films, so I think I’m entitled to ramble a bit about television.  This week is a pretty good week for TV here.  I’ve just seen the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2.  I liked it.  Sarah Jane is obviously aimed at younger viewers than Doctor Who, but it’s still usually good fun, and today’s episode was decently written, with quality special effects.  I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

Something else I’m looking forward to is series 3 of Heroes, the first episode of which is on Wednesday.  The new series is subtitled “Villains”, which is ominous; clearly Sylar is going to be up to his old tricks again.

On Saturday I saw episode 2 of Merlin, which was definitely better than the first, although the dragon is irritating me.  He was shoehorned into this episode despite doing nothing to further the plot.  My guess is that the voice actor’s contract demanded it, but I hope he does something a bit more interesting in the next episode.  Still, for the most part this was a very good episode.  Arthur is still a git, but he’s growing on me, and Merlin is cool, if a bit Harry Potter-like.

I also saw episode 2 of LG15: the resistance on Saturday, which I found quite amusing.  “Research Nerd” Sarah is so cute; I think I’m in love.




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30 09 2008

“acts without thinking” hmmm, intriguing, Dr B0bby.
I liked the first series of “Sarah Jane”. I like her, and the kids and situations are great. I don’t know when we’re getting II over here, but it’s nice to know you’re enjoying it, as I value your SciFi opinion. I’ve just seen episode one of new “Heroes”, and it is quite dark…but some of the characters are doing some surprising things. (all I’m saying). 😉 I liked season one better than two so far, but we’ll see how this one goes…
I’m starting an “Import ‘Merlin'” campaign! (in spite of the upper-class dragon twit). Hehe.

30 09 2008

Dr B0bby? Heheh, maybe I should write psychoanalyses of my characters on a regular basis…

I enjoyed Sarah Jane series 1, particularly the pilot and the season finale, and although it had its ups and downs like any show, it was great fun. Thank you, it’s always nice to know one’s sci-fi opinion is valued! 🙂

Ooh, you’ve got me intrigued regarding Heroes. Now I’m impatient for tomorrow’s episode! I thought season 2 was better than most people seemed to think it was, but season 1 was definitely stronger. But then, they rushed season 2 because of the writers’ strike, so hopefully they took more time over this one!

Your campaign sounds like a good idea! I think it definitely should be imported. The dragon’s not really an upper class twit: he’s supposed to be wise, which so far seems to involve droning inconsequentially about Merlin’s destiny, but he doesn’t dominate the programme (thankfully).

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