Chapter 28 – RAGE!!!

29 09 2008


You ever get really mad about something you liked?

I don’t mean just regular mad about the things normal people get mad about, I mean crazy rabid fanboy mad.

Someone at school insulted Diggory Jones. Worse, he said that she was the worst musician he’d ever heard, that she was just another outdated pop singer, that her music is boring.

Naturally, I murdered him on the spot. Then resurrected him so I could murder him again. Six times. Then I resurrected him one last time so that I could yell at him:


OK, it didn’t go quite like that, but seriously, what (I said, or something to that effect)? Has this guy never listened to Diggory Jones? Has he never heard a DJ song in his life? What the hell?

But there was no persuading him otherwise. He couldn’t stand her songs. At all.

Afterwards – you know, once I’d taken a few deep breaths and I’d stopped accidentally causing inanimate objects to explode using only my mind – I felt pretty stupid and I was embarrassed I’d gone so fanboyish. I mean, that’s not how I usually act at all. And I wondered why I’d been so determined to prove to him the value of a person who I’ve never even met.

I guess where I had a problem was that he wasn’t just saying he didn’t like her, he was saying she was objectively bad, and that liking her was like liking Alethia or the Lunar Meteorites, which he thinks are also bad. And I admit I don’t like either of those bands – although lots of people do – but DJ is really good. And some of her songs are actually really heavy!

But I’m doing it now: getting far too angry about something that’s nothing to do with me. I think what I’m saying is, I really need to not get mad every time someone insults something I happen to be a fan of. After all, that’s the kind of geeky behaviour that really irritates me in other people.

I wish it were easier to rein in negative emotions when you don’t want them.  They’re a nuisance.




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29 09 2008

Oh what? do I not understand in the entirety of it, an’ aint it funny as you’re scratching your way up the wall you are thinking “why am I doing this?” I just put a page up about a band from zonks ago and a bloke commented “well, actually they were a load of rubbish” I mean, why click on to a page just to rain on somebody’s parade? at least I could delete mine.

johnny07: Exactly! Liking old music is always a recipe for criticism, I hear people saying they don’t like bands just because they’re old, which doesn’t make much sense to me! Some people just like to force their criticisms on other people, in an almost evangelical way. Of course, I can just as bad in return.

I think I’d have a little bit of trouble trying to delete people’s real life arguments, nice though it would be to be able to do that!

30 09 2008

Fanboy, hunh? You sound like a really nice person, but you scare me just a little bit, here! 😉

johnny07: Oops, sorry I scared you! Fanboys sure are annoying, they rant and rant about how much they love such-and-such an artist/film/book/video game. I feel quite ashamed of myself. Thank you for saying I sound like a nice person (I’m not so sure myself, muhahah!).

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