Chapter 27 – the rant

26 09 2008

Bradley’s cheerful for once!  Yay!  I figured it’s about time the poor girl got a holiday.


I’ve seen episode one of Merlin now.  Still not sure whether I like it or not.  It’s certainly not written for anyone who has the vaguest idea of how the original Arthurian legend was supposed to go, and it contains a rather inexplicable cartoon dragon with an upper class accent.  I’ll see where it goes from here before I make my mind up about whether I think it’s any good.

Current listening: De La Soul, “Eye Know”.




2 responses

27 09 2008

Yes, not all dragons I’ve known were upper class, but a few are. ( 😉 )
Do tell how you go on with Merlin as you do (please).
Good for Bradley! Hope she likes it there. (I’m kind of getting used to Bradley as a girl’s name. I sort of almost like it now.) 🙂

27 09 2008

Can’t honestly say I’ve ever met any dragons, upper class or otherwise, but there ya go. More Merlin this weekend, so I’ll let you know.

You almost like it? Haha, glad to hear it’s growing on you! 🙂

(Incidentally, I’m afraid Bradley will not be taking a camera or camcorder, because that would mean hiring an actress and building a futuristic California set! Building Eiriendor would be even more difficult than building Hercynia!)

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