Chapter 27 – Magic America

26 09 2008


i’m really excited right now. i didn’t want to mention this before, because i didn’t seriously think it was happening, but i’m going to california!

i’m going in a month’s time, during the october mini-holiday, and i’m going to be staying with sakura’s family for a week. isn’t that opti?!

at first, i didn’t think this was even going to be possible, and my mum had reservations, because the flight is really expensive and she thinks i need to be focusing on my studies now that i’m a 6th former, but she’s agreed to it and now it’s all arranged.

i can’t wait!




4 responses

26 09 2008

funkyloon: Haha, you’re looking forward to it, then!

bizzariarox: whatever gave you that idea? 😛

26 09 2008

totally otak… in a good way! don’t forget to post pictures, hehe.

(trying miserably to fit in with you young people… please don’t laugh at me if i use the slang wrongly. 😳 )

bizzariarox: OI!! is it even possible to be otak in a good way?

(…oh alright, i’ll let you off, then! but otak isn’t a very nice thing to call someone, just so you know)

26 09 2008

Dammit everyone gets to go to America but me. You’ll have to pack a cammy corder, me I want to go to Noy Yoyk

bizzariarox: oh dear, i’m sure you’ll get to go there one day! ah yes, i would really love to go to new york as well, but i don’t think i will, it’s quite a way from california!

27 09 2008

What part of California? I’m from there, so I want to know. I’m happy for you too! I think you will like it a lot, and it’s great you get to see sakura. 🙂

bizzariarox: eiriendor. i take it you know it? very big modern city, in the south west. where in california are you from?

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