Chapter 26 – More About My New School

24 09 2008


Hi again!

I’ve been doing a lot of school work lately. The step up to year 12 has meant we have to do lots and lots and lots and lots more work than we used to, which has meant we’ve had to spend some time working in the study room to keep up with it all. On the bright side, that does cut down the amount we have to do outside school, so I guess it works out pretty well.

I don’t think we had a study room at my old school. Everyone just used the library. The study room is a very boring place. Everyone is supposed to sit at desks or computers and work in silence the whole time they’re in there, which I suppose makes sense, since you don’t go there to have fun. I don’t go there to have fun, anyway, but there’s always the geeks – what they call otaks round here – sat in the corner playing card games and eating crisps. It can be a bit distracting and annoying.

Naturally, I’m a bit of a geek too, or I wouldn’t be in the study room in the first place.

There are other places we can go when we don’t have so much work to do. When it’s not raining, we like to sit outside on the grass or on benches where we can talk and eat and stuff. Sometimes people play sports, although I don’t get involved in that because I’m hopeless at most sports. Fortunately, most of my friends here don’t like sports all that much either, so I don’t have to join in, which is a relief!

When it is raining, which is quite often, we have to go inside and sit indoors. We can go to the study area, but nobody wants to go there. For some reason, most people like to go to the upper school hall, even though it’s always crowded with annoying year 10s and 11s on rainy days.

I prefer the area around the 6th form canteen, where it’s nice and warm, and the 6th formers have the whole place to ourselves. It’s definitely the most comfortable place to be on a rainy day.

There’s also the library, for unashamed bookworms, serious English students and people who have no friends. I used to be a regular in my old school library, but I haven’t been in the library here very much, and I’ve never yet spent a free period or lunch break there.

So there you go: that was your guided tour of my school! Hope I didn’t bore you…




2 responses

24 09 2008

There’s also the library, for unashamed bookworms, serious English students and people who have no friends.

why do you talk about me like that? 😦 sob!

haha. so, do you like you new school? which is better, the old one or this one?

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Oh no! I wasn’t being rude about you! I like bookworms! Bookworms are a good thing!

The new one is better, by miles!

25 09 2008

Some of those otaks can be the nicest people, really. Sounds like you get a lot of rain, but isn’t just the best when the sun comes out and you can sit outside? 🙂

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Oh, naturally, I love geeks! I think it’s mean to call them otaks, actually. Yes, sunny days are the best!

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