Chapter 25 – Crisps

22 09 2008


Everything’s cool here now. There have been no further break-ins, which means I have been free to devote my mind to more important issues.

For instance, what’s the deal with crisps? Why does everyone love them so much?

Sorry, that’s a generalisation. I mean to say, why do most kids love crisps so much?

I mean, some crisps are OK, like plain salted ones and salt & vinegar, but I don’t get what’s so special about them that makes kids so addicted to them. Is it all the weird additives and junk?

Why don’t children get addicted to salad? Or yoghurt? Why do you never see kids in shops going “Mum, mum, can I have a carrot? Please?”

It would be fine if it was something people just grew out of, but it’s sad when you get people in their mid/late teens begging you for money to buy crisps. Teenage crisps addicts. You know who you are.

I’m thinking of refusing to buy crisps for anyone. Seriously, people are getting hooked on them like drugs. It’s worse than with sweets, or chocolate, or even food pills.

Don’t do crisps, kids. Just say no to crisps.

Especially the prawn cocktail flavour ones. Yuck.




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22 09 2008

It’s the mono-sodium glutamate. It’s addictive. Seriously. There’s been studies and everything.

johnny07: Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that. It’s in nearly everything. I heard the whole point is to get people hooked.

22 09 2008

annnd they give you dog’s breath, which makes kissing fun, takes the hair off yer nose it does.

johnny07: Nice! Now you really can have a pinch of salt in everything!

…But I don’t have a hairy nose!

23 09 2008

prawn cocktail ones! blehhh! I’m slightly older than teenage, and I’m pretty addicted, too. I have to not buy them or I’ll eat the whole bag. Something about salty and crunchy and you don’t think they put drugs in them, do you?

johnny07: Is no-one safe from the dreaded influence of crisps? But really, if you buy crisps, you have to eat the whole bag, don’t you? Maybe not actual drugs, but as bevchen pointed out, some crisps do contain MSG, which is proven to be addictive.

23 09 2008

but but…Tescos are selling 6xpack multipack for 44p. I mean what chance does a girl stand.

johnny07: Only 44c for a 6 pack multipack? Not at the local Tesco they don’t!

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