Chapter 23 – the rant

17 09 2008

Yes, Bradley just dissed media studies.  For shame, Bradley.

This is the future, so naturally Bradley gets pay-per-view TV on demand.  TV is already moving in that direction in real life, so it’s not improbable that all television will be like that in the future.

Aren’t you glad I’m putting my media studies lessons to good use?

And, this being the future, the school has an automated sprinkler system.  None of my schools had one of those.




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18 09 2008

Well, not everyone is cut out to be a media studies student. 🙂 Where I live, mostly industrial buildings have automatic sprinklers; I don’t know if schools do. Yes, good use of media studies to write this! If you ever publish this as a novel, you can chalk up your study expense to “research”!

19 09 2008

Media studies can be pretty tough, it’s true, even though most people don’t think it’s a very serious subject.

I know automatic sprinklers aren’t what you expect in schools, but I thought, hey, this is the future, so why not?

Heh, thanks. I don’t know if I’ll publish this, but if I do, then I guess there really is a point to the education system. 🙂

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