Chapter 23 – Long Day

17 09 2008


it has been a looooooooong day. overslept this morning, fortunately the bus was late. arrived at school just in time for double music tech – ugh. today we were being lectured on recording equipment. i didn’t understand half of it!

then we couldn’t go to break because some idiot set fire to a desk in one of the classrooms. we had to stand around outside, and it wasn’t exactly warm out. fortunately it wasn’t a very big fire and the sprinkler system took care of it, but by the time they’d registered us all and confirmed it was safe to go back indoors, break was nearly over. and i had to go basically straight to double media, where we spent the whole time taking notes on camera angles – yawn! NOT a fun lesson!

lunch break was a welcome relief. it was raining, so we had to stay inside. i’d been given a lot of homework, but in the end it never really got around to doing it for some reason, since i’m not very good at motivating myself to do stuff i don’t want to do. i couldn’t have concentrated on schoolwork if i wanted to anyway, cause a bunch of year eleven boys came over and started being really irritating. i told them to piss off but in the end we ended up moving to get away from them.

i had a free last but nobody else decent was around, so i decided to get the bus home after lunch. the bus was almost on time, but i still ended up getting soaked walking to the bus stop in the rain. i met iaru at the bus stop, turns out he had a free too and was catching the same bus as me. we ended up sitting together on the bus.

it was still raining fairly heavily when i got off the bus. first thing i did when i got back to the flat was change into something dry.

i’m feeling tired now. i should be doing my homework, i have to annotate a diagram of a mixing desk, which i don’t have a clue about, and i have to do some random worksheets about the purposes of camera angles. but i haven’t been able to focus. i’ve spent the last 20 minutes just sitting back watching today’s “bella & bethany”. when i’m tired, i binge on tv shows. i can’t help it.

anyway, i’m done venting now. if you’ll excuse me, i have 3 days worth of “new south avenue” episodes to watch.




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18 09 2008

Goodness, who would set fire to a desk? I’m sorry you had such a tedious day. Hope the “new south avenue” helps you escape a bit. You just mention iaru in passing…tell us more! give us some dish!
I liked your penultimate paragraph: “…haven’t bee able to focus.” Considering you were talking about camera angles, that’s amusing. 🙂 Take care & feel better!

bizzariarox: dunno, probably an accident, or someone messing about. thanks.

“some dish”? lol. there wasn’t a lot to say about that that people would be interested in hearing. we just talked about people we know and random stuff. i mentioned to him that i didn’t have a job, and he said he’d see if his brother has any suggestions, which was nice. although he helps out at the warehouse where his brother works, and i don’t know if i’d be suited to anything like that!

camera focus… how punny! thanks, you take care too! 🙂

19 09 2008

funkyloon: A REAL fire?!? Eek! That’s not yawnworthy!

Remember that time someone set fire to the toilets?

bizzariarox: yeah, but lining up out in the cold wasn’t very exciting. yep, i remember that. good times lol 🙂

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