Chapter 22 – About last Friday…

15 09 2008


Thanks for the concern, guys. I thought you might like an update on the whole oh-my-god-someone-tried-to-break-into-my-house thing.

I know what I did was insanely stupid. I could have been killed. Or I could have killed the burglar, for that matter, swinging the bat around like a lunatic, and then I don’t know what I’d have done. But I wasn’t thinking, I was absolutely terrified, and I just did what made sense to me at the time.

We got the window completely fixed on the day, so if anyone was planning their own break in, you missed the opportunity. Not that you’d have much luck, anyway, since it isn’t a very big window, and it’s on the second floor. Which of course, makes the whole thing all the more baffling. You’d think they’d go for the larger window; that way they’d have more chance of squeezing through it.

Anyway, I guess we may never know what they were after. Point is, it’s over now. Thank goodness.




One response

16 09 2008

Glad you’re ok, got your locked fixed, and have calmed down. Still, that sort of thing is bound to stir things up! It’s amazing what we do when we are driven by fear or adrenaline! What an odd event, for sure. Stay safe, dude!

johnny07: Thanks. Yeah, I guess it was the classic fight-or-flight response. It was an alarming event, anyway!

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