Chapter 21 – the rant

12 09 2008

“Burgle” is one of my favourite Briticisms. It’s such a funny word. It makes sense of course – a burglar logically must be someone who burgles.  To burgle.

This chapter probably seems pretty random, but rest assured, there is a point to it. It’s probably best if I don’t elaborate on that any further right now.




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13 09 2008

Aha! Looking forward to the connection. WHAT have you got going on here??? Such a creative, devious little mind you have. Burgle rhymes with gurgle, and they’re both kind of funny words… 🙂

13 09 2008

Thank you. A very silly story is probably what I have going on here.

“A creative, devious little mind”? Not sure how to take that! But it’s nice that you think I’m creative, so thanks! 🙂

All these funny words! It must be the -urgle that does it!

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