Chapter 20 – the rant

10 09 2008

Well, another day, and the Earth hasn’t been destroyed. Not yet anyway; I hear that will take another few weeks.

The wind turbines are a prominent feature of this world due to fuel shortages causing an increase in the popularity of renewable energy sources. Therefore, it makes sense that they would make them look nice, rather than looking like the big grey ones you see nowadays.




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11 09 2008

Indeed. Are you referring to the collider in our world, or something in “clouds”‘s?
I never thought of turbines being pretty, but windmills certainly are. I wish all power stations could be designed as works of art. That would be nice.

11 09 2008

I was referring to the collider, although obviously Clouds’ world hasn’t been destroyed!

Yes, it would be nice, wouldn’t it? I figured if you’re going to have lots of turbines in close proximity to people, they should be made to look as pleasant as possible.

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