Chapter 19 – The Sound of Music

9 09 2008


i meant to update this earlier, but i have been completely snowed under with stupid homework. seriously, i’ve only been back for just over a week – i think my teachers are trying to kill me!

me, dawn, rafael and colin went to see a local band, the neon shields, playing at a music shop this weekend. they were all ex-alexandra lane students, so they were people we sorta knew. they played a sort of indie punk dance thing, and they were actually really good. i think they wrote all their own songs, too.

as you might expect, there were some familiar faces there, cause a few people from school turned up to watch. i saw wesley and cartier from school there – cartier’s in my music tech class. there were also a few year 13s, including some people i recognised but didn’t know the names of and a few people i knew quite well. i think everyone there was a music shop regular. i was a bit surprised to see iaru there – he’s this kinda serious year 13 guy. he was browsing the symphony section when we got there, he said he was thinking of buying alethia’s “actually myself” in hard format and wanted to know if it was any good. naturally, i strongly recommended it! he reckoned if i liked alethia i should give the supernature a listen. today i downloaded their “broken glass mirrors” and “dawn over steamburg”. i’m glad i did. they sound like jonas k barrance on speed or something. crazy stuff!




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9 09 2008

I hope your teachers don’t actually kill you as I enjoy reading your posts! 🙂 The music scene sounds amazing; it’s great you have all that available.

bizzariarox: thanx! 😀 i suspect mrs gray has been trying to kill me for 5 years and she hasn’t managed it yet, so don’t worry. the music shop is opti, we’re so lucky to have a shop like that so nearby.

13 09 2008

funkyloon: I know what you mean about the homework! The teachers here have been heaping it on us!! I got into the Supernature recently – they’re really, really, really, really amazing!!!

bizzariarox: aren’t they just? 🙂

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