Chapter 18 – Settling In

5 09 2008


Hello again. Welcome back!

I’ve been living in Hercynia, ye mighty island city, for nearly 2 weeks, and I’ve just finished my first week of school here, so I thought I’d write a post looking back at the highs and lows of my new life as a Hercynian.

When we came to look at the house, I fell asleep on the boat. I just sat down at the table, and zonk! I was out. So the first time I saw Hercynia in real life, we were already docked. Which I suppose means that my first memory of being in Hercynia was being prodded awake by my mum.

So, once I’d finally got my sluggish legs into the car and we’d got off the boat, I got my first view of Hercynia. And it didn’t really look like how it does in movies or pictures. Actually, it could have been any city. Then we got stuck in a traffic queue, and then somehow got to our new house. I can’t even remember how. I might have fallen asleep again. Hey, I was tired!

Anyway, it was a nice house, in a very pretty street, in a good neighbourhood, and I instantly fell in love with the place. Which is just as well, because if I hadn’t, I doubt I’d have had any say in the matter.

Moving in was tiring and hectic. It was late in the day when we arrived in Hercynia for the second time, and we couldn’t go to bed because there was so much unpacking to do, and of course, the removal men were clattering about with furniture. When I did get to sleep, I slept pretty well, as you can imagine.

The following afternoon, we went out and had a look around the city. We visited the Central Square, naturally, and admired the woods and the canals. It’s a very big, busy city, but somehow, it seems more laid back than Hyperborea did. It’s like the people here don’t have a care in the world. It’s wonderful, really.

One thing I’d never have predicted about coming here: homesickness! Isn’t it stupid, feeling homesick for the place where I’d felt so unhappy? But what I missed was the comfort and familiarity of my old home.

Anyway, I’m starting to get used to this place. I was nervous about starting school here, but it was fine. The other students have been really friendly. Sometimes people have teased me a bit about my accent, but I know they’re only joking around. The teachers have mainly been nice and welcoming, but some of them seem a little scary! And the assemblies are really boring, but that’s what you expect.

Art looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. They’re letting us do whatever type of project we like, and I’m thinking of doing something involving collages. They’re always fun.

Anyway, I won’t bore you any further today. I shall be keeping a log of my daring escapades, so be sure to come back later for more exciting tales of adventure!




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5 09 2008

i know what you mean about homesickness! but if you were unhappy there, i don’t think you’ll be homesick for long… you’ll want to like your new place since it’s permanent!

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: I know! It’s nice here, so I think I’ll like it very much once I’ve got used to it.

7 09 2008

This CAGOM dudess is gonna be the star of this show-mark my words, somebody has already got a little crush on her.

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Er… I’m not really sure what you mean, but that sounds like a compliment, so thank you!!!

7 09 2008

It’s good to read that you like your house. It’s always a little strange to move to a new place, but you are adjusting well. It sounds like a good neighborhood with nice people. Congratulations. Would you post a picture of your collage when it’s done?

CloudsAreGatheringOverMe: Thanks! Yep, it’s a very nice place! I’ll try to upload the collage, once I’ve finished it. I haven’t started it yet!

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