Chapter 17 – Back at School

3 09 2008


So, I’m back at school. And so far? It’s been OK.

I mean, it’s a bit different from before. I only have to study four subjects, which is nothing compared to the ten or so I used to have to learn. Better still, we get a bunch of lessons off. I know that’s so we can do all the extra studying we’re supposed to be doing, but it’s still time off lessons, and it’s very welcome.

Today it definitely felt like summer was coming to an end. It’s been grey skied and drizzly, and by now we’re done with all our introductory lessons, which means we’re sinking back into the monotony of the new school term.

We’re studying Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” in English. Should be interesting. I saw the recent movie adaptation, and thought it was OK, though I think the book is supposed to be a bit different.

I’ll be looking at the defeat of the Spanish Armada in history, which is always a fun topic. Typical English – we have one lucky victory back in the 1500s and we still haven’t stopped feeling smug about it!

One downside is that I don’t know many of the other people in my classes very well. For example, Hans is doing English, too, but he’s not in my English class. Oh well, I’m sure everyone will be great once I get to know them.

So yeah. I’m not exactly happy, but it’s all been painless.




One response

4 09 2008

Four subjects; that’s great! You mention the “recent” movie adaptation of Frankenstein. There’s been so many I’ve lost count. Which one is that? LOL. Glad it’s all but painless for you; and you can look forward to meeting new people. I thought you might not like school after all, but happy you do.

johnny07: I know, it’s brilliant, isn’t it? I expect they’ll be really hard though.

I meant the version that came out last year, with Clyde Grantham and Felipe Vasquez. It had quite a big budget, but the script was a bit cheesy.

I suppose I could look at this as a chance to make new friends; problem is, most of them are people who I know vaguely, but we don’t really speak to one another ’cause they’re all nettlas and football geeks.

Thanks! I don’t know that I’d go as far as saying I like it here, but I’m happy enough.

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