Chapter 15 – New Kid in Town

1 09 2008


back at school today. i didn’t want to oversleep, so i set my alarm to go off early. then i somehow woke up even earlier and couldn’t get back to sleep, so i switched off the alarm and gave myself a proper breakfast. well, when i say proper breakfast, i mean a bowl of corn flakes and a slice of toast. that counts.

it’s strange, falling back into the old routine. dawn was at the bus stop early, as usual. bus was on time, which was a nice surprise, since usually the bus arrives late, and dawn blames the driver, but not to his face.

the odd result of the bus running on schedule was that we arrived at school with time to spare. imogen was there already. there was a girl sat by the gates looking a bit lost. i realised she must be new and felt kind of sorry for her, so i went over to where she was sitting and suggested she could sit with me, dawn and imogen. she said sure, why not, and introduced herself as megan, who’d just moved in from “eye-pa-boor-ya”, ooh aye. she seemed shy at first, but once everyone got talking she turned out to be really chatty and friendly. i guess you can never judge on first impressions alone.

the great thing about being back at school was seeing the gang all together again. keelin arrived by bus, so did dawn’s boyfriend rafael and his mate colin. of course, then the bell rang and it was tutor period.

miss stoller was dawn, keelin and my form tutor for the past 5 years, but she left last year, so we had a new tutor, mr. westlake. by coincidence, megan turned out to also be in mr. westlake’s group, and mr. westlake suggested that i should look after megan on the first day and help her settle in.   obviously he doesn’t know me very well, but do i look like a responsible human being?

anyway, once the morning assembly was over, mr. westlake showed us the 6th form buildings, and then we were allowed to wander around a bit, to let the new kids get their bearings. i felt it was kinda my duty to give megan a quick tour of the place, which wasn’t a problem since she turned out to be a pretty cool person, so i guess i made a new friend. after that we had to endure another speech from mrs. gray about how important it is that we study extra hard from now on and blah blah blah, and then it was lunch. it was really sunny and warm, and me and keelin played football with colin and his friends. i played pretty poorly, but i have the excuse of not having played football properly all summer, and it didn’t matter anyway because everyone ended up joining in, even nerds like yusuf and johnny were playing, and they’re hopeless.

we had media last, fortunately not with mr. westlake. it wasn’t a bad lesson, we didn’t get any written work done, we mainly read the course overview and watched a couple of video clips, but that’s the best kind of lesson for a first day back.

it looks like everything is finally going back to normal. thank god.




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3 09 2008

This sounds like a nice day back in school, really. Your instructors are OK, and you made a new friend—nice!

bizzariarox: yeah, it wasn’t bad at all. thanks! 🙂

3 09 2008

funkyloon: Mr. Westlake? Uh-oh! Poor you. Megan sounds really cool though.

bizzariarox: yeah, but i hear he isn’t so bad as a tutor. cool probably isn’t the right word, but megan’s great. i’m sure you two would get on really well together. you had your first day back yesterday, didn’t you? i never asked you how that went.

3 09 2008

funkyloon: It was OK, I guess. It’s all really unfamiliar over here.

bizzariarox: so you keep saying, lol. i’m sure you’ll get used to it after a bit. you’re good at adapting to new things.

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