Chapter 14 – the rant

29 08 2008

This chapter made me slightly depressed when I wrote it.

You’ll notice that this story is unfolding in “real time”.  This was a decision taken to make the interactive side of things easier.

The next chapter will be on Monday.  It may be posted late in the day.




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29 08 2008

aw “it may be posted late in the day” how woe begone is that, there are a few good things about first day back though. Good luck with it, I’ll think about yuh when I,m getting ready for work, ah, you think work is any better? [apart from dosh]

29 08 2008

Oh, no, don’t feel sorry for me! My first day back isn’t until Tuesday! But I’ll be posting Monday’s chapter later in the day for realism, you know? (*mumbles* That and the fact that I’m really behind with writing this thing…)

Thank you for the luck. Hope your work goes well. 🙂

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