Chapter 12 – Summertime

25 08 2008


not a lot has been happening lately. dawn is now in steamburg, but i’ve been hanging out with imogen a lot. turns out she’s been just as bored as me lately! it’s funny actually, i never really used to hang out with imogen outside school, even though we’ve got quite a lot in common. we like the same movies, the same sports, the same video games, the same just about everything but clothes, really. it’s really weird how there are some people you only really meet during school hours. different parts of your life are like separate worlds. well, that’s how it is for me, anyway.

i’m still in touch with sakura, naturally. she sounds like she’s having fun in eiriendor, which basically amounts to a really long holiday in california. i’m really jealous.

i think my problem is i have way too much time to spare. sometimes i find myself wishing the holidays would just end, which is a weird thing to wish for, just so that i can be back at school and feel like there’s a purpose to what i’m doing. i probably should think about getting a job. imogen works in the cinema, and reckons it’s alright, so maybe i should see if they have any vacancies or whatever. or i could just not bother, since school’s starting next week anyway, but i could use the cash.

anyways… nothing else to report right now. if anything interesting happens, i’ll let you know.



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25 08 2008

sounds like the start of a great friendship with imogen! or did i mean relationship? 😛

bizzariarox: i don’t know, did you? 😛 not the kind of relationship you’re probably thinking of, that’s for sure. right now i really don’t want to be entering into a relationship with anybody, and imogen isn’t my type, no disrespect to her.

25 08 2008

funkyloon: Oi! It’s not all holiday, you know! It’s been boiling here, for one thing.

You could try my old job, they’re always hiring.

bizzariarox: warm weather, in the summer holidays? the horror! 😛 you mean the supermarket? thanks for the suggestion, but i think i’ll pass on that one.

27 08 2008

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to get back to school. It’s nice you like it that much.
Do you think you’ll see sakura again?

bizzariarox: i don’t like it very much, honestly. i’m just really bored at the moment.

i still see sakura pretty often, but only by phonecam. i’ve no idea if i’ll see her in person again. which is a depressing thought, actually. 😦

sakura, you should come back to england some time, yeah?

27 08 2008

funkyloon: Of course I will! *hugs*

bizzariarox: Yaaaayyyy!!!! 😀
*shrugs off hug awkwardly, valuing personal space*

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