Chapter 11 – Juan Beike

22 08 2008


Me and a couple of friends went to see Juan Beike live yesterday. We had to get up fairly early, head down to the first bus to the north dock, and catch a boat to London. All in all it was a pretty expensive trip, but we took a cheap tourist boat, which cut down on the expenses a bit.

When we got there, we went and ate at a café. We needed to be quick, because we didn’t want to be late for the concert. We’d all got tickets paid for in advance (thanks to Hans’ dad), but we still had to queue for nearly an hour before we actually got in.

The concert was dramatick. I loved every second of it. I don’t really know that much about Juan Beike; I’ve got his first album but I’d never seen him live before, but now that I have, I realise that he absolutely rocks. The dude is a genius. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who could play the guitar so fast. And the song where he alternated between three different guitars – woah. Just woah.

We were seated up to the right of the stage, which was quite a long way back, but meant we got a good view. The music was very loud, and combined with the guy in front who wouldn’t stop whistling, it’s probably done permanent damage to my eardrums, but never mind. It was so worth it.

Afterwards we went and got ourselves some fish & chips, before taking another boat back home. It was a memorable day, but I was worn out afterwards!




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22 08 2008

how do you pronounce beike? baker, biker or beak?

johnny07: It’s like “biker”.

23 08 2008

Hey, Johnny, what probably gave you permanent ear damage, the guy’s whistling, or the music from stage? 🙂 Seriously, I haven’t seen that three-guitar-alternating thing, must be awesome. The boat trip sounds nice, too. Since it’s expensive, I guess you don’t get into London as much as you’d like?

johnny07: Both, probably. I could have sworn the whistling guy was louder than the music! Yes, it was awesome. The whole thing was awesome. The boat trip was cool, but very cold. If we’d gone outside we’d probably have been blown overboard!

It’s true I don’t go into London that often, but then there isn’t normally any need. Only Juan Beike isn’t coming to Hercynia for some reason, so London was the easiest way to see him. The trip wouldn’t have been half so expensive if we hadn’t gone to the concert. Hans’ dad wasn’t exactly giving tickets away, although he did give us them cheap.

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