Chapter 8 – Flight 19

15 08 2008


On December 5th, 1945, the NAS Fort Lauderdale US naval Flight 19 vanished completely, airmen and all, when passing over the Bermuda Triangle. To this day, nobody knows what happened to them. They did conduct a lengthy search, but they found nothing, and one of the seaplanes involved in the search exploded in mid air. Flight 19 remains lost to this very day.

Don’t you just hate it when you lose something? And you spend ages searching for it and you can’t find it anywhere? I hate that. People always say, ‘It’ll turn up,’ and it usually does eventually, but in the mean time, you have no idea where it is. And isn’t it weird how it always turns up somewhere totally ordinary, even though you looked everywhere you could possibly think of?

Why am I talking about losing things? Mum lost her wristwatch this morning, so we’ve all been frantically searching all over the house, trying to find it. OK, so a watch is a much less crucial thing to lose than a bunch of planes, but it was equally baffling. Then it turned out it was on the windowsill the whole time. A happy ending, perhaps, but man, did everyone feel stupid!

But then there are times when you never do find whatever it was you lost. It’s totally baffling when that happens. You find yourself wondering, where did it go? What could have happened to it?

That’s happened to my homework before. Try explaining that to your English teacher.




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15 08 2008

I had to laugh at that last bit, my home work was apalling, I used to scribble it on the bus into school-Susanne detention!

johnny07: I’ll own to having done that, too, more than once! Well, typing it up on the bus, saving it and printing it off the first opportunity I get!

15 08 2008

Hi Johnny, I remember reading about planes and boats and other vanishing vessels, too. This all sounds very mysterious, though. Are you SURE your Mum’s watch was on the sill the entire time? Are there parallel realities? I’ve noticed that English teachers generally have NO sense of humour when it comes to missing homework. 🙂

johnny07: Oh! Maybe the watch fell into another universe and came out on the sill? Maybe the Hercynian triangle is in effect? The mystery deepens!

My English teachers generally have no sense of humour. I always wonder what would happen if a dog actually did eat my homework. I mean, what would you say?

18 08 2008

You didn’t come out with that old tosh did you? Isn’t just amazing how good an excuse seems the night before, but the moment you say it in the morning, you think “oh no, detention,”

johnny07: Of course I didn’t! There’s no way anyone would believe me! Which is why it would be funny if it actually happened.

I usually just say I lost it, or I couldn’t print it, or something like that. It doesn’t normally fool anyone.

18 08 2008


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