Chapter 7 – the rant

13 08 2008

This chapter introduces another new blogger, although not strictly speaking a new character.  I wanted to reflect the way different people have different styles of blogging, and tried to come up with an easy way to make Bradley’s posts easily distinguishable from Johnny’s posts.  I decided that Bradley is one of those people who uses the shift key very sparingly.

I would recommend you don’t make too many assumptions regarding Bradley, incidentally, and remember, this is set in the future.

By the way, this chapter also features the naughtiest word ever to appear in a b0bbyg post, not counting the censored cursing from the Reservoir Dogs post.  I’m pretty certain my readers won’t be offended.  It’s totally in keeping with Bradley’s character, anyway.

If anyone is interested in catching up with the story, it is available in a much more organised fashion on this page.  It includes proper explanations of the type of story, the rant pages, the comments system and an archive of all the chapters so far.




2 responses

13 08 2008

Really? Which naughty word was that? I didn’t see any…but that’s probably because I’m from freaking california, LOL!
So, don’t make assumptions—OK. I’m trying to be friendly to all your characters, but that may get me in trouble down the line. I may not want to be associated with them. Right now, I’m still more suspicious of Johnny’s motives than Bradley’s…but we shall see. 😉

13 08 2008

The word was “pissed”. Mild, but naughty by the standards of this blog’s content up until now.

Oh, I don’t mean you shouldn’t necessarily trust Bradley, more that I can imagine everyone will make certain assuptions about the character, and consequently be in for a mild surprise if those assumptions prove false… but I think I may have said too much. 😉

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