Chapter 7 – Sick ‘n’ Tired

13 08 2008


ok. i deleted my old blog because of all the annoying stalker comments and crap were just too much hassle. if you’re an old friend and i mailed you with the url of the blog, please DON’T link to it from your blog for a few weeks, wait until things have died down a bit. i know it’s a pain, sorry but i hope you understand.

anyway, if you have only just stumbled across this, then hi, my name is bradley, welcome to my blog. i hope you like it here. 🙂 i mostly just talk about random stuff that happens, how i’m feeling, that sort of thing, but now and then i might say something smart if you stick around long enough.

right now i’m feeling really pissed off, if you read my old blog then you’ll know why, if not, let’s just say that certain irritating people do not know when they aren’t wanted any more and can’t just leave well alone. so i started a new blog to help me get away from that.

also, my best friend moved to freaking california a few weeks ago, so i’m feeling fed up about that too. nearly all my other friends are on holiday. i feel so alone.

sorry if that sounded a little emoey. i just really don’t feel good right now.




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13 08 2008

funkyloon: Are you OK Bradley? The new blog looks nice.

bizzariarox: course i am! i’m just being miserable.
oh, you like it? i’m not sure, it’s a bit grey around the edges.

13 08 2008

hoho, bradley, i feel your pain about the blog problem since i had one myself recently. it sounds like a lot of things pretty much suck in your life right now, so i don’t blame you for being emo. hope things will look up for you soon!

bizzariarox: yeah, it sucks, doesn’t it?

thanks. don’t worry, i’m fine really.

13 08 2008

bizzariarox, hi! I’m a new person who just stumbled across your blog. I’m sorry you’re feeling alone, but it seems you’re already making some friends here, so things are looking up! And I’m from freaking california. It really is freaking, there, so I hope your friend doesn’t get TOO freaky! 🙂

bizzariarox: hi, new person! yeah, blog friends are great. i don’t have a problem with freaking california, except that it’s too freaking far away! 😆

who ya getting freaky with in california, sakura? 😛

13 08 2008

funkyloon: What? Eww…

EVERYONE!!! Muahahahaha!

bizzariarox: everyone in freaking california? 😯

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