Chapter 6 – the rant

11 08 2008

In case it wasn’t obvious from Johnny’s mentioning of fictional popular culture items such as “the Halberdiers”, “Steel Radar”, “Jar Full of Souls” and “Diggory Jones”, this story is set at some point in the future.  Hence the reference to Iron Maiden, Green Day and Nirvana as “classic rock”.

And they still have Tetris!

The list of school subjects is virtually identical to my A-level choices (I took music tech instead of geography).  This is out of laziness, because it means Johnny can talk about his schoolwork without me having to do too much research.

I’m afraid I’m not writing these very quickly, which means I will not be posting one every day.  Sorry.  ^_^;  Things are a little busy around here at the moment!




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12 08 2008

Oh, great, B0bby, string us along, promise a chapter a day, and then when you’ve got us all addicted, take away our daily fix! I’m starting to get the shakes already! 😉 Seriously, man, a busy life must be attended to—not to worry. I’m enjoying this tremendously however fast or slow it comes along, and any culture that still has Tetris must be worthwhile! 🙂

12 08 2008

Well, I never said it would be a chapter every day! When I’m a bit more organised, maybe I should think about updating the story on a more regular schedule, rather than randomly. I posted 2 blogs a day for 5 days running last week, which is a minor miracle for me!

It’s very encouraging to know you’re enjoying the story. Thank you! 🙂

You’ve just reminded me of how long it’s been since I last played Tetris

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