Chapter 6 – Johnny 2: Electric Boogaloo

11 08 2008


“Posterity”. The word is “posterity”. Thanks to gentledove for spotting that!

So I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking… ‘Narcissist!’ Right? Well this is my blog, dam’t, and I have a right to be narcissistic if I want to be.

So… I’m 16 years old, and a total geek. All my friends are geeks too, for example Hans, who knows about this blog and doesn’t mind me talking about him here even though he does think it’s slightly otak, so that’s OK. We’re both big fans of the Halberdiers. Apart from that, I’m not really into sport. I like computer games, especially “Magic Wing” and “Steel Radar” – I’m also a master of “Tetris”! – and listening to music, especially classic rock like Iron Maiden, Green Day and Nirvana. I’m also a fan of Diggory Jones, and me and some of my friends are going to see Juan Beike when he plays at London next week, which is going to rock!

As far as movies go, I mainly watch action films, sometimes comedy or horror. My favourite movie is either “Jar Full of Souls” or “Minutes”; can’t decide which.

What else shall I tell you about me? I’m studying English, history, geography and the media at school. I love history, I like media, English is difficult but can be pretty cool, and geography I’m not actually very good at, but I find it interesting and I needed something to fill up my timetable!

Uh… like I said, my life isn’t all that interesting, but when something interesting does happen, I’ll let you know!




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11 08 2008

what does otak mean?? in malay, otak means brain! so in that context, one could presume that otak means mental? haha.

johnny07: It’s sort of eccentric and geeky and stuff. Apparently some people think that’s a bad thing!

11 08 2008

She wrestles Johnny07 to the ground, sits on him holding one leg while maintaining him in a headlock with the other arm “now you narcissistic geek, are you B0bbyG or not? why did you tell the pakistani wotsit you were 18? what does otak mean? and wots all this about being master of Tetris? yeah?…”
where did I go wrong? I,ve been poring through your blog all the way back to last march and I’ve gotten confused. Am I really on your favourites list :)? wow alright I’ll let you go.

johnny07: Hey! Let me go! I don’t know anything about the guy! I’m so confused!

11 08 2008


Sorry, Suz. Johnny is fictional. He’s 16, he lives in the future, he’s never heard of B0bbyG or the Pakistani Spectator, “otak” is fictional slang similar to “nerd” (and also, as sulz points out, Malaysian for brain), and he’s “a master of Tetris” (or at least, so he claims). It’s part of a story; see:

Those should clear things up.

And, by the way, I’m 18, I’m B0bbyg, I hope I’m not a narcissistic geek, and I’m absolutely hopeless at Tetris. And yes, your blog is one of my favourites. 😀

11 08 2008

I will peruse those links later, I had got that Johnny was fictional, It’s me that’s thick B0bby, I’m sure all will become plain, hey its alright to be Narcissistic and a geek, I didn’t really think you were, I was just entering into the story but that is Johnny07 right? or is it 02 o dear. hee hee.
I’ll see you later-Suz 🙂

12 08 2008

It seems like something interesting might happen very soon, Johnny…I just get that feeling. I haven’t seen that movie “Jar Full of Souls”. (Maybe I’m a little out of touch). That’s a fascinating title, though. What’s it about?

johnny07: It’s like an action movie, but it’s also a kind of horror; there’s this man who thinks he can capture the souls of other people, and he goes crazy. It’s pretty scary, but really dramatick. The special effects are truly something.

12 08 2008

B0bbyG (Still out of character):

@ gentledove: Don’t worry, it’s my fault for not organising this properly. I need to make a page for the story, with a proper explanation of what it’s actually about.

And he’s johnny07; the “2” is because it’s his second post.

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