10 08 2008

I have been interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator.  You can read the interview here.

I’m very vague throughout!




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10 08 2008

wow, i learnt quite a bit from the interview. like i didn’t know your best friend died, that must’ve been beyond awful; i’m so sorry to hear that. and wow, i’m your top 5 blogger!! great way to start my first day at work, knowing i’m top at something. 😉 and i agree about raincoaster, haha! and yeah, you were kinda pc. 😛

11 08 2008

Thank you sulz. Yes, I think that was probably the worst I’ve ever felt. I guess I’ve moved on from there.

Hope your first day went well! 🙂

Wait a… vague’s one thing, but PC? Oi!

12 08 2008

What a super interview! Great answers, and another few pieces to the puzzle that is B0bby. I really liked your answers to the questions about how bloggers can make this a friendlier world, and about the future of blogging. Thank you for mentioning my blog, too, that was nice to read! 🙂

12 08 2008

Thank you very much! Haha, I didn’t know I was a puzzle! 🙂

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