Chapter 1 – the rant

4 08 2008

So it begins.

My apologies for not having been around lately.  There’s been stuff going on and I’ve been kinda busy.

The post immediately preceding this one is the first “chapter” of a new project I’m working on.  It’s a kind of experimental online novel.    I’m not sure yet what genre it is, but I’ve always had a soft spot for SF and fantasy, so it’s going to have aspects of those.

The idea is that each chapter of the story is a post in a blog belonging to the user who’s name appears in brackets at the top of the post.  Theoretically this could have been achieved by making multiple blogs, but I’m neither smart nor organised enough to do that, and anyway I’d be worried that this would end up turning into an ARG, which isn’t what I’m aiming for.

The early chapters will be very short – think of them like a prologue – but they will get longer once the main story kicks off.  I would love it if people would give me feedback on the story, which is why each chapter will have a “rant page”, where you can leave criticisms, suggestions etc., which I will welcome.  I don’t mind harsh comments if they’re constructive!  As the story progresses, some chapters will allow you to comment directly on the posts themselves, if you wish.  These comments will be treated as “in character”, and may influence the narrative directly.

So yeah.  I’m not sure how long this will be or how frequently it will be updated; that will depend at least in part on whether anyone’s interested.

I hope you like it!

Bobby G




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5 08 2008

Well, I, for one, am fascinated! Ah hah! You had mentioned a new project! This is quite innovative. I’ve seen people post a chapter-a-day on some blogs, but a story unfolding on the narrators’ blogs is brilliant! You are a fine writer with a great imagination, so I look forward to some wonderful reads. Congratulations, and good luck!

5 08 2008

will there be drama in your stories? 😉 i always feel sex can spice up anything! :mrgreen:

5 08 2008

@ muse: Wow, Muse! Thank you very much! 😀 This is very encouraging. I only hope my story can live up to your expectations.

@ sulz: Oh, so drama = sex, is that it? 🙂 There will most likely be drama in the form of adventures, angst, relationships and maybe even action. There will not be any erotica, I’m afraid. This is a PG-13 blog, remember? :mrgreen:

5 08 2008

wow you have bitten off an awful big chunk to chew Bobby, you will need more discipline than I’ve got. Hey I’ve got a tip, A.C.Doyle when he got fed up with Sherlock Holmes killed him off-hey I’m not being sarcastic-but he had to revive him because of public demand, what I’m driving at is keep giving yourself phoney endings that can be revived, that should take some of the [possible] onerousness out of it. Am I making any sense? then again I am thinking as a still quite slow typist maybe you are faster than me. luv Suz

5 08 2008

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, actually, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Thanks for the tip! I was thinking more of one continuous storyline, but maybe I should throw in a few false endings in case I have to stop early, as I am a VERY slow typist! 😀


6 08 2008

I’ve been worrying that you might have not understood me and thought I was being mean, I’m relieved you didn’t 🙂 If you can do it you have the greater part of what being a serious author is all about-why do you think I stick to short stories and poems? see no discipline. hey I’m with Sulz stick in a bit of romance will ya 😉

6 08 2008

OK, I’ll do my best to be super serious! 🙂 Discipline has never been my stong point, though, and sometimes short stories and poems are better…

Romance? Very well, I’ll see if I can throw some in there… I don’t read romance novels though, so goodness knows how that will turn out… 😉

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