Away for the weekend

24 07 2008

A short post, just to say I won’t be online for a bit.  Tomorrow I head off for Alton Towers (yay!), and after that I’ll be off on holiday in the Lake District, and won’t be coming home until (probably late) Monday.

But then, it’s been goodness-knows-how-long since I last updated this, so it’s unlikely anyone will even notice I’m gone.  See yas!




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24 07 2008

Uhmm…you might be wrong about the closing, Bobby. But anyway, have a nice w/e trip, enjoy!


25 07 2008

Here I am, not noticing you’re gone. Not at all. B0bby who?
The Lake District! I’ve read about it in Jane Austen novels but never been there. Come back and tell us if it’s as pretty as is sounds. A very happy holiday to you!

28 07 2008

@ BabaliciouS: Thank you very much! 😀 I don’t update as often as I should, but it’s nice to know my absence didn’t go entirely unnoticed.

Thanks for your comment!

@ museditions: “B0bby who?”? D:

Yep, the Lake District! Much of it is very pretty. I think I should write a post about my weekend. Thank you! 😀

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