No Internet

10 07 2008

We don’t have an Internet connection at the moment.  I’m using the school computer to write this, but the school Internet is useless because they filter just about everything and it’s really slow.  So I may not be able to update this soon, because I don’t know how long it will be until our connection is fixed.

Which really sucks, by the way. 👿




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10 07 2008

i feel your pain, bobby. here in macau, i can easily enough access the internet at the library which is a 5 minutes’ walk from my hostel, but it’s not quite the same as it was back home when my computer is just downstairs from my bedroom! i really miss being able to connect to people even if i’m alone at home.

10 07 2008

majorly. 😦 I think it’s true for many of us these days, that if we’re not connected, it’s like we’re missing a body part, or something. Hope you get fixed up soon! We won’t forget you…promise!

11 07 2008

Thank you both. I’m back online again, which really didn’t take long at all, so that was a bit of a fuss about nothing.

@ sulz: I know what you mean, even though I wasn’t Internet deprived for very long this time. You become used to having it handy, and when it’s not there it’s a pain.

@ muse: I know what you mean, even though it does sound extreme. The Internet just opens up so much to us that it becomes an extension of our world. And thanks, it’s fixed now! Nice to know I wouldn’t be forgotten. 🙂

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