Vlad the Impaler can’t dance like me

2 07 2008

It has been a while since I updated this, partly because there hasn’t been a lot going on here that I thought people would be interested in reading about.  Paradoxically, another reason for the lack of updates is that I’ve been busy doing other things.

So what has been happening?  Well, I’ve done some papier-mâché for the first time since I was about twelve.  I’ve watched some very good Doctor Who, which was written by Russell T Davies, so he can write decent stories after all.  I’ve gone back to school to do some more music tech coursework.  A bird hit my window.  A boiled egg exploded.  I watched the 12 part KateModern grand finale, and enjoyed it very much (I only just started watching, so it’s kind of sad that it ended now.  Talk about Murphy’s law).

Super Smash Bros Brawl came out a couple of days ago, and I’ve become addicted, even though I’m completely hopeless at it.  I have unlocked several secret characters, but somehow I always mess up on multiplayer; I don’t have the reaction speed or something.  The only character I’m remotely good with is Mario.

More importantly, though, I’ve been working on my history project.  I’ve narrowed my topic down to organised crime in 18th century London, but I still haven’t decided on my question or found any relevant books.

My classmates have also chosen their topic areas: Catherine the Great, Anne Boleyn, Vlad the Impaler and Lady Jane Grey, which makes me wonder whether it would be easier to focus on a specific historic figure.  Jonathan Wild, perhaps, or Jack Sheppard.  I asked the school librarian for advice, and she provided me with several volumes on Victorian era criminals like Jack the Ripper, which wasn’t what I was after at all.  The girl who is studying Vlad the Impaler works at the local library (despite apparently hating books).  Maybe I should see what books they have on the subject of 18th century London gangs.

Updates on this blog are going to be irregular and occasional for a while.  I do have plans to change this, but it’ll be a while before I can put them into practice.




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3 07 2008

With a title like that, it almost didn’t matter WHAT you said! 🙂 I liked reading all about your life lately, anyway! So there is Who from Davies! Thanks for the alert! We won’t get it for some months, here—lately, the Dr. and Donna have each lost track of the loves of their lives. I think. Is it fun being back in class? What do you mean an egg exploded?!? I feel sorry for the bird, but that’s sort of normal—how did you manage to explode an egg?
I know not the game of which you speak, but unlocking secret characters sounds intriguing. What a topic you’re considering! I shall be fascinated to follow your thoughts on same. And you think you don’t have an interesting life? 😀
PS, what did you make out of papier-mâché? Tell us, tell us…

3 07 2008

Hey B0bbyG your blog is an extremely good read, and I’ll come back to you, in fact I’ll blog roll you. I wish I’d been more nerdy at school, the only subjects I was ever interested in was history and english, which is good cos eng gives you like a key. Take care, Suz

3 07 2008

@ museditions: Yep, RTD is back, and he’s really surpassed himself this time. The last 4 episodes are all his, and the three that have aired so far have been excellent.

Fun? In class? 🙂

We left the egg in a saucepan full of water on top of the oven, not realising that the gas ring was slightly lit. After several hours of this, the lid was blasted off the pan, and eggshell landed all over the floor! What a mess.

Depending on who you ask, SSBB is either a flawed-but-enjoyable addition to the cartoon beat-em-up genre, or a Nintendo fanboy’s idea of Heaven. In any case, it’s extremely silly, but fun to play.

Today I found out that I might not be able to answer on that topic after all; not enough historians have debated it. The deadline for submitting the question is looming, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I may end up having to do something dull and familiar instead, which is extremely annoying since I’ll be forced to study this for the next couple of months!

As for the papier-mâché… I can’t tell you that now, but you’ll find out. 😉

@ gentledove: Why, thank you very much! Your blog is very good too. 🙂

You wouldn’t have wanted to be a nerd. Nerds are dorks. I hear geeks are cool, except that nobody can agree on which is which.

And… snap! I like English too. It’s definitely my best subject.

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