Back to Year 12 (for real this time)

19 06 2008

Today was my first history lesson I’ve had since my exams finished.  Mrs. History Teacher was supposed to be sorting me into a class, but unfortunately wasn’t in today.  Instead, Mr. History Teacher told me to attend his class.  I’m pretty sure the class in question isn’t the one Mrs. History Teacher wants me to be in, and since I don’t even know what the timetable is, it’s probably best not to get too used to being in that class in case it clashes with music tech.

My classmates were all Year 12 girls.  I recall that Mrs. History Teacher didn’t think it was a good idea for me to join in the set containing only girls; maybe she thought I would find them intimidating or something.  Or else she thinks I’m some kind of pervert who would be a liability in a class of girls.  It’ll be one of the two.  There were only four of them, so maybe there are other boys in the set and they just didn’t bother to turn up.

Us Year 13s have never really gotten along particularly well with Year 12s.  That might be something to do with the fact that they kept throwing stuff across the study area at us (such as mints, rubbers, pens, and contraceptives), or it might just be because they had the nerve to invade our territory study area, the little gits.

In any case, it was a relief to find that this particular class were friendly, seemingly well adjusted and reasonably normal.  There was a cheerful girl who struggled to operate a pair of headphones, accidentally fused the words “deacon” and “vicar” together so that it came out sounding like “dickar”, and got called a “freak” a lot.  There was a tall, slightly scary girl, who talked a lot about obscure historical events and figures that nobody else had heard of, and expressed a fondness for “chavvy music” and gory horror movies.  Then there was a girl with a grey hoodie who listened to loud, extremely heavy rock through a pair of headphones, described various violent scenes from movies as “hilarious”, and offered everyone chocolate.  The other girl was fairly quiet and said she might be dropping history the following year (oddly enough, there was a girl just like that in my old Year 12 class).  They all seemed like very nice people.

Unfortunately, hopeless case that I am, I can’t remember their names.

In class, we will be selecting and researching a historical period of our choice.  Last time I wanted to do something to do with the Mughal Empire in India, but struggled to find any relevant books, so this year I’ve decided to restrict myself to Western history, preferably no further back than the 1500s.  I’ve narrowed my selection down to three possibilities: The Golden Age of Piracy, street gangs and organised crime in 18th century London, and nobles and duelling in France between the late 16th and mid 17th centuries.  I need to choose one of those by next lesson, so I’m going to have to research them and see which is the most interesting and which I can find books on.

After the lesson, I went to the cinema with some friends and we watched the new Indiana Jones movie.  I’m thinking of doing a post about that; I know a lot of other people have already done posts on that subject, but I saw it from the perspective of someone who knows very little about the Indiana Jones series and has never seen an Indiana Jones movie before (I had meant to see Raiders of the Lost Ark first, but somehow I never got around to it).  Maybe I should write a media studies type analysis, to “make up for the lack of drama in my life”. 😉

In any case, it was a good movie, and we had a great time mocking all the implausible scenes.  We had the theatre pretty much all to ourselves – there were about 2 other people in there – which meant that we got the comfy seats at the back.  I guess everyone else must have seen it by now.  We did go in the middle of the day though, so maybe it’s more crowded outside of work and school hours.

Anyway, I realise this post has been one long ramble, so I’m going to finish it now.  I’ve got to, anyway; Heroes is on in a few minutes.




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19 06 2008

you sure sound like you have an interesting class. 😕 i wonder how all of you look like…. especially you. 😉

golden age of piracy? you sure you’re not talking about my country? we sell pirated dvds, luxury handbags, clothes etc like staple food. 😀

hehe, you should do the indie post. i’ve seen the first movie, but not the second or third, so i’m about as clueless as you are about indiana jones. it won’t up the drama quotient, but it’ll be interesting to read i’m sure. 😉

and this post is not a ramble. i enjoyed reading this type of posts more than your media posts! but that’s just because this appeals to my nosy side, heh.

19 06 2008

They were really nice, honestly, in spite of all the violent movies and scary music.

Have fun speculating. Maybe I will have to put a photo of myself up here some time. For now, I’m happy being faceless. 😉

Arrr! Shiver me timbers! Not that kind o’ piracy! Ye know, the Golden Age. When pirates sailed the Seven Seas, looting treasure and buryin’ it on uncharted islands! The time o’ swashbucklin’ and pieces of eight and “fifteen men on a dead man’s chest”! And awesomeness. 🙂

OK, I’ll try to write it tomorrow. It was a pretty dramatic movie, mind you! I hope the post will be interesting.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 It’s usually more fun writing random posts than media posts, believe me. And there’s no shame in being nosy now and then! 😉

19 06 2008

ROTFL! Seriously! I nearly fell out of my chair at your description of your classmates! Oh, yes, they sound very nice—gory and violent scenes are hilarious? When can I meet your new friends? 😉 And then the “mints, rubbers pens, and contraceptives”! TeeHee, you lot lead an interesting life! I look forward to reading more about your “demotion” this year.
Please do post about Indie, I’d be interested in your perspective. It’s a fun adventure, but what MORE do you see in it?

19 06 2008

Oops, got so carried away with my own wit 😕 that I forgot to thank you for linking to my Indie post. Thank you! 🙂

20 06 2008

Well, mind you don’t go falling out of your chair after reading my blog – you could hurt yourself, and then I’d feel responsible!

I think I make everyone sound a bit daft on here. I ought to be careful what I say; people from school have found this blog before.

Well, perhaps “interesting” is one way of putting it! 🙂

Thank you for being so interested! Indy blog post coming up ASAP!

No problem, I enjoyed reading your post very much! 🙂

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