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7 06 2008

Hey, Bobby G here.  I haven’t posted in a little while, because there’s been so much going on.  I had my English exam on Friday.  I think it went OK.  I’m so tired.

In media studies related news, the BBC have written an article on how BT is now charging BT Vision users £3 a month for BBC on-demand content.

A BT spokesman said, “The BBC programmes, including hit shows like The Apprentice, are delivered in top quality over the BT Vision on-demand platform…  Customers are, of course, able to watch BBC shows for free on their laptop or PC in lesser quality on the BBC player in the usual way.”

As a side note, apparently the BBC intend to eventually have all their channels streamed live online.  Which sounds cool.

I intend to post more media posts over the next few days, but I’m not the most reliable of people.  I’m really hoping I can post more stuff, though, because the exam is next week.




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7 06 2008

exams are so mentally draining, aren’t they? i hope they’d be over as soon as possible for you! i remember my last exams a month or so ago… i just lost steam and didn’t really study for many of my exams. luckily i passed! can’t imagine not being to graduate… 😕

7 06 2008

Yeah, exams are totally mentally draining! Ah well, a week and a couple of days and then they’ll be over.

Good on you for passing! I can imagine failing history all too easily… I don’t even want to think about it!

7 06 2008

If the English you write here is any indication, you should have done well in your exam! Best of luck with the others. I know how they can take over your life while they’re going on, so it’s splendid of you to take time out to give us an update. 🙂 I’d love for the BBC to stream all their channels! I could watch them here, across the pond. w00t! {{{good history exam vibes for B0bbyG}}}

7 06 2008
Will Rhodes

The BBC iPlayer is being picked up by many broadcasters, Bobby. BT are, and always will be, thieves!

8 06 2008

@ Muse: Wow, thanks for the compliment, and the luck!

It would be nice to watch BBC channels online from anywhere in the world, wouldn’t it? But I have a feeling it would have to be UK-only service, given that the BBC is funded by British licence fee payers. Maybe they could run commercials like they do on BBC World; that could work.

Thanks for the good history exam vibes! 🙂

@ Will: Yeah, and I can’t imagine many people are going to want to pay for a service that’s free everywhere else. BT have some nerve!

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