Colombia and XO laptops

30 05 2008

Salutations, y’all!

I decided it was high time I wrote another BBC technology news post…

According to the BBC (been a while since I wrote that phrase), Caldas, Colombia, has signed up to the One Laptop Per Child programme.  This means about 65,000 Caldas children will be receiving XO laptops.

Governor Mario Aristizabal said that the region is “committed to giving each and every child of primary school age the same opportunity to access knowledge as the most privileged children in New York, Berlin or Tokyo.”

Another, separate deal is being negotiated to provide laptops to schools in and around Manizales.

The BBC notes that OLPC have failed to meet their objectives of producing laptops costing $100 dollars each sold in millions.  This is true, since each laptop costs $188 and only 60,000 have been sold.

On the other hand, I think that sounds pretty respectable, nevertheless.

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31 05 2008
Will Rhodes

Just about 100 quid for a laptop ain’t at all bad, Bobby – but, if they can sell them for that price – why can’t everyone have them for as cheap as that?

My brother (idiot) bought a laptop with all the bells and whistles (which he won’t use) and paid $1250.00 for it!

Crazy man!

31 05 2008

$1250.00??? Yikes!

The XO laptop isn’t a regular laptop, and it certainly doesn’t have the typical bells and whistles. It’s super tough, with a built in camera, and lots of software ready-installed… but it also lacks a hard drive, a CD drive and an Ethernet port. It’s also much slower than the average laptop, but all the parts are selected to be replaced as cheaply as possible. It’s practical for its purpose, which is for use by schoolchildren.

9 07 2008

Yay Colombia. With an “o”.

I heard about this. But I haven’t seen one.

Of course I don’t live in Caldas, and I’m not a school kid.

10 07 2008

Oops, sorry about that! 0_0; Fixing it now.

Well, it’s only in Caldas at the moment, but there are plans for schoolkids in several schools in and around Manizales to receive them, so that’s probably why you haven’t seen them.

10 07 2008

For some reason I can’t edit my page title or my above comment. It just keeps giving me a #*@%ing error message. 😯

My apologies to all of Colombia, especially crazyasuka. I’m really sorry about this, truly I am!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Edit: Yay fixed! 🙂

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